“After Market” Jeweled Accessories
Let's separate fact from fiction.

The trouble in America is that we are such a motley group of entrepreneurs that we are continually looking for a new way to do something better at a lower price so as to make things more desirable to the consumer. The owner of Capetown Diamond is an impassioned thinker who firmly believes that there is always room for an improvement in everything. In the world of commerce, I'm not the only guy that is trying to do things better, but I do think I do it best. 

At the time that Rolex entered the United States, the British Empire, India, and Africa, they were the supreme example of everything that made a watch great. Almost from the time that Rolex started promoting add-on jeweled accessories for their watches, their prices were so high that several of us involved in the jewelry business thought that we could make these accessories as good as Rolex for a lot less money. After all, we’re jewelers – Rolex is not, they’re watchmakers. So the prevailing thought amongst our group was that if we could market quality jeweled accessories for Rolex watches with a low enough price, we'd really have something going. 

The fact today is that Capetown’s Geneva Collection Division® is turning out a unique line of custom gemstone designs that are equal in quality to factory-made accessories. We’ve gone through the care and trouble to submit them to America’s foremost gem and jewelry laboratory, the International Gemological Institute (IGI), to substantiate our claims that Capetown’s Geneva Collection® accessories are just as good and sometimes better than factory-made accessories.  The astute reader will notice that sometimes our diamonds are as much as 20% larger. And the laboratory certifies the Color and Clarity to be the same as Rolex. factory-made accessories. 

The reader should be aware that Capetown has been heavily involved in manufacturing these accessories for more than twenty-five years. Our friends wear them, our family wears them – they have truly passed the test of time. In fairness to Rolex, there are some terrible abominations made pretending to be equal to Rolex’s fine accessories.  But Capetown and Capetown's Geneva Collection do not fall under that group.  Our pursuit to be better than anyone in this field never ends.

Independent laboratory evaluations prove that Capetown's Geneva Collection accessories are all that they have to be.  Every accessory that is sold by Capetown is guaranteed for a lifetime against any possible damage that would result from our fine Geneva Collection accessories provided that the watch is serviced and pressure tested as per the manufacturer's specs.  With a warranty like this, you'd have to be a mindless schmuck to pay more for less.  By the way, Capetown also offers discounts on factory made Rolex accessories.  Either way, as usual, Capetown is always your best buy.   

IGI Appraisals for Diamond Accessories

To see scientific evidence that the only difference between Capetown's Geneva Collection® Gemstone Enhancements and Factory Gemstone Enhancements is Capetown's lower price and our Lifetime Warranty, Click a link below.

A Frank Discussion Regarding After Market Accessories and Rolex Watches.

Capetown Diamond is not an official Rolex jeweler