January 9, 2004

Dear Carl:

First, let me apologize for the time that has passed since your generous offer for me to send my Rolex to your Orange County, California repair center - it went out via Fed Ex today.

I hope that you will post this letter on your web site as a testimonial to your fabulous business practices.

As you will recall, I bought my Rolex from you personally in, as I best recall, 1986 or 1987, when you were officed in Beverly Hills.

Late last year [(2003)], I had a problem with the bezel and contacted you.  Even though more than 16 years had passed, your immediate response was to tell me to send the watch to your local repair facility and that you would take care of the repair at your expense.

To say that I was, and remain, amazed at your incredibly high standard of customer service and honesty does not begin to express my feelings.  Perhaps the best thing that I can say is that you have demonstrated why I can trust you more than I can trust the local jeweler with the fancy address -- his inventory is not only over-priced, but he offers no guaranty of his own and even if he did, I doubt I would trust him to deliver.  The proof is, as they say, in the pudding.

Warmest Regards,

Mark F. Weiss
Advisory Law Group

Dear Mr. Marcus:

I am pleased to report that my Ulysse Nardin "1846 Marine Chronometer" watch has been running flawlessly since its return from the factory.

I very much appreciate your persistence in resolving the mysterious "virus" which previously plagued this beautiful watch.  I noticed that not only was the mechanical problem remedied, but the case and bracelet had been polished to like-new condition.

Again, thank you for seeing this through to your customer's satisfaction.  I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any of my friends and family.

Very truly yours,
Christopher Kiers
Houston, Texas


March 31, 2004

Dear Carl:

I wanted to say thanks for being so tenacious in getting my Franck [Muller] Master Banker repaired.  It is keeping perfect time now and when I take it out of the winder, even after a week or more, the time is always correct.

I know that this is what you do with every customer, but I wanted to say thanks for the excellent service.

Phillip Miller

Nashville, Tennessee 37206

Dear Mr. Marcus,

I am writing to commend you on the quality of customer service I received from you and your company.  In this day and time, it is unusual to find anyone as committed to pleasing the customer as you are.  I would like to share my experience with anyone visiting your website so they will understand why I will continue to look to you for any jewelry needs I may have in the future. 

The beautiful Vacheron Constantin that I bought from you is a watch I had wanted for many years.  As pleased as I was to get it, I was that much more disappointed when I found it not working properly.  While I admired your attempts to repair the watch, I must admit at times that I was doubtful.  At one point, I was not sure we would ever get the watch working properly.  I was gratified when you offered to return my money and was even more gratified when you said you had at last found a Vacheron Constantin expert who could actually repair the watch.  I was somewhat dismayed, however, when I saw the estimates since it was considerably more than either of us expected.

I was not happy to see you working for nothing, and I thought strongly of taking you up on the offer to give me back my money rather than have you lose an extra $1,000 by paying for the repairs.  Well, that was 30 days ago and everything is working fine.  The watch has been restored to factory specifications and works like a dream.  It is nice to know there are still people around who honor their commitments regardless of financial loss.

My heartfelt thanks and best regards to you accompany this letter.  Please feel free to use this letter on your website.  I invite anybody who would like to hear about the high level of service and integrity you company has to offer to call me personally.

Fred Shessel, M.D.
Georgia Urology


----- Original Message -----
From:  Stephen Rudnick  c4c4c4@budweiser.com
To:  Carl Marcus  carl@capetowndiamond.com
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 3:47 PM
Subject: repair of my Rolex
Dear Carl,

I want to thank you so very much for the super fast, efficient and courteous service your wonderful business has given me!

While I am not as big a customer as some of your successful doctors, and other professional clients can afford to be (and I do wish I was able to give you a lot more business), I have never had service from any place like I get from your business...Capetown Diamond!

When I was more fortunate and able to work on the NYSE back in the 1980's, I could easily afford Rolex watches and have owned several of them. When I needed service on them, I sent them to the Rolex HQ in NYC. It took months at times to get my watch back and sometimes it was not done correctly the first time. But OH BOY, did they remember to charge you big-time for the work, regardless!

I have used jewelers who were Rolex authorized, where I bought one of my Rolex watches and it would be 3-4 weeks and a considerable bill just to change a battery! They always told me that they needed to do this and that to the watch, blah, blah, blah. And while it is probably true, they made sure that I was billed quite heavily for this service.

When I discovered your amazing business, and saw the way people were treated by you and your superb staff of knowledgeable, friendly and mannerly people, and I read about your warranty for watches your business sold, I wondered why it took me so long to find such a place as Capetown Diamond! I felt like a real putz for not finding your business sooner!

I have never experienced faster service, friendlier people, better packing of returned items, or watch repair people anywhere that were better qualified and provided exactly what you state will be offered, then your business offers, and that is no B.S.!

My Rolex kept perfect time, but for some reason, perhaps my sweat from my wrist, the crown would not open. Your staff not only fixed it at NO CHARGE, but put a new battery in it and did it all under your Capetown Lifetime Warranty, which makes the Rolex warranty look like a joke by comparison. It didn't even cost me return postage!

You would think that a company like Rolex which charges so much for their watches would offer YOUR type of warranty with the purchase of their watches from their "Authorized Rolex Dealers". Pigs would fly first!, but I digress.

While I only make $18,300 per year as a State of Florida employee, every saved dollar adds up. Having the ability to find a person in the watch business as honest, and sincere as you are is a God-send for someone like me that had the finer things prior to the stock market crash of 1987, and had to liquidate all of my jewelry and other possessions after that event.

I never thought that I would ever be able to buy another Rolex, used or new, with the way they have escalated in price over the years, but your business not only provides the very best and most fair prices on new AND "pre-owned" watches of all makes and models, but your service department far and away exceeds any other service department that I have dealt with in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter!

You have a super-first-class way of doing business with people that is missing in most businesses today. I have had to deal with other jewelers for service on items purchased from them locally, and as a buyer, one has to have almost as much money after the sale just to maintain the purchased item. These other dealers really "see you coming", as it is said!

The business world could learn many things from your way of doing business with people. Your way allows even the small guy, like myself, to enjoy some of the finer items in life without mortgaging off my condo to do it.

God bless you, your family and your employees for being the generous and honest people that you are. You are truly at the top of the list when defining the word "class". Never in my life have I ever dealt with any business that takes care of their customers AFTER THE SALE the way you and Capetown Diamond takes care of your customers! Words cannot express my appreciation for your way of doing business.

My Very Sincerest Wishes to you, your family and staff.

Stephen Rudnick
Fort Myers, Florida
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