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New or Certified Pre-Owned?
Which is the wiser choice?

Capetown is not an authorized Rolex jeweler.

The difference between new and pre-owned boils down to dollars and cents. Period.

Sophisticated buyers these days are opting for certified pre-owned over brand new. A CPO Timepiece is pre-owned so you enjoy savings of up to 60% below new retail without sacrificing looks or quality.

As the international originator and probably the first world-wide marketer, we can assure you that all of Capetown's CPO Watches are meticulously restored classics. Fully reconditioned and then backed by warranties that exceed the original manufacturers. No scratches, no chips, no dents. Many even have the original boxes, tags, and paperwork.

In most people's minds, a pre-owned watch is confused with a used car, or perhaps some worn out timepiece one might find in the back showcase of a pawn shop. At Capetown, this is absolutely not the case. Our theory has successfully withstood the test of time, after all, we've been at it for almost four decades.

Once you understand that Swiss timepieces are made by a different sort of human than one would encounter in the United States' manufacturing environment, you can begin to see the value in buying pre-owned watches. In Europe, watch making is a highly refined profession. People who, from an early age are encouraged to do as best a human possibly could do with their hands. Consequently, the product they turn out is superior to most manufactured items.

The trick in picking out these watches is to know, does the company you're doing business with have the expertise to know the right used watch to buy. And do they have the infrastructure to service these watches should something go awry?

How long are they in business? Ethically and functionally, has their company passed the test of time?

Buying From Capetown

  • Capetown is known in jewelery circles the world over as being the premier instant buyer for high-quality upscale timepieces. Many watches in our inventory were sold and serviced by us in past years. We're extremely selective. Everything is triple-checked by world-class in-house master watch makers who have orders to restore the watch to factory, showroom-perfect condition. If this is not possible, and if something slips through our safety net, it's sale is immediately abandoned.
  • On most watches, we can determine the approximate date of manufacture to guide you.
  • For many years, Capetown has been immersed in the repair of fine timepieces nationwide. Every year, we service literally thousands of timepieces. This infrastructure is why we're able to give our clients extraordinary warranties.
  • We carry a massive inventory of official factory parts for almost every timepiece, which helps to speed up the repair process. It's because of this strength that buying from us precludes buying a pre-owned watch from anyone else.
  • When it's time to have your watch serviced according to factory specifications, you'll get a kind reception. The price will be proper, and your watch will be returned to you quickly.
  • If something goes wrong, Capetown's international reputation tacitly guarantees that you won't be left in the dust. We are a well-financed corporation of many years, a plump legal target, in other words, plenty of recourse. You're not buying from an unknown entity in cyberspace.
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Buying Somewhere Else

  • Worn Out Watches
  • Stressed Bracelets & Clasps
  • Water damaged and not properly repaired
  • What if something goes wrong?
  • Where did it come from?
  • How "Pre-Owned" is it?
  • Where can it be serviced?
  • Can I trust them?

Capetown is not an authorized Rolex jeweler.

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