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Capetown is not an authorized Rolex jeweler.

Over the years, more and more of our clients, who thought they wanted
a new watch, and who certainly could afford one, found it hard to resist the compelling logic of purchasing a Capetown performance certified, pre-owned timepiece.

Capetown certified pre-owned Rolex watch sales are running almost 50% ahead of last year. Now even with the holidays behind us, we are fearful that, for the first time in our 40 year history, demand will exceed supply. This shortage is directly attributed to our steam-rolling economy. More people have money to buy them and less people need to sell them, making it harder for us to obtain product. Hopefully, holiday trade-up sales will allow us to maintain an orderly market.

Compelling reasons that support the logic of buying a Capetown certified, pre-owned Rolex:
  • The inherent quality built into most Rolex watches, when combined with proper maintenance, assures its owner a lifetime of use.
  • Ground-breaking, timeless designs, developed as far back as 1940, are as coveted today as they were then.
  • The condition of all of our certified pre-owned Rolex watches is standardized. Our in-house technicians spare no effort or expense to return these contemporary classic timepieces to as close to showroom-fresh and factory-perfect condition as is humanly possible.
  • All certified, contemporary, pre-owned Rolex watches carry the very same guarantee we give to new watches - Capetown's Exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click Here for more information..
  • Thousands of savvy shoppers have realized significant savings by purchasing a Capetown certified pre-owned watch. Simple logic dictates that if it looks the same, the warranty is the same, and it is made to last forever, then there is no need to buy a new watch?

Mr. Carl Marcus, Chairman
Capetown Diamond
3340 Peachtree Road
14th Floor
Atlanta, GA.  30326

September 27, 2001

Dear Carl,

WOW! The Rolex president watch I purchased from you is so beautiful. In fact, it is so good looking that I still have not shown it to my wife. My fear is that she will not believe that it is not a brand new watch. My jeweler was not convinced it was not a new watch until he checked the serial number.

Meeting Carl Marcus was by chance. I was searching the internet for new Rolex watches. It is amazing how many different sites there are. I talked to a few and then became skeptical when I noticed a number of people complaining about fake Rolex watches being sold over E-bay. I then found Carl's web site, which is a very professional and informative site. ( After reviewing his pages, I felt like I actually knew the man. I was very confident doing business with him after reviewing the whole page that was dedicated to authenticity. I knew then that I wanted to do business with Carl. What I did not know was whether Carl would do business with me.

When I called Carl, he seemed reluctant to do business with me. Carl had recently had a bad experience with a man from Mississippi. Carl immediately associated me with that gentleman since I am from Alabama. The longer Carl and I chatted, Carl was able to tell that I was not like the man from Mississippi. We talked about which watch I wanted and Carl was able to give me a price quote well below what I had wanted to pay and the rest is history.

If you are serious about purchaseing a pre-owned Rolex watch, let me save you some time. Call Carl. He is a very professional man and expects the same from his clients. I plan to personally meet Carl on my next trip to Atlanta. With the money I saved on my watch, I will be able to pick up the tab for our lunch. It is the least I can do.

Carl, thanks again for all your help. My fear now is I will be calling you soon to purchase a Ladies President for my wife.


Paul M. Pickard, Jr.
Montgomery, AL

Note From The Chairman on the above letter:

Just prior to Mr. Pickard's call I had a short and sour dissertation with a biggotted Mississippi redneck, who for no good reason called me a "Jew Bastard". Hence my hesitancy at the time to take another call from that part of the country! But there was a lesson learned, Mr. Pickard is a Prince, and the quentessential southern gentleman. Not only had I made a sale, but developed a wonderful, probably lifetime relationship with Mr. Pickard. Harboring prejudice from an isolated incident is mind poison. Especially today, we should not descriminate due to a person's geographic location.

-- Carl Marcus

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