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Early Rolex Timepiece
Circa 1914.

Capetown is not an authorized Rolex jeweler.

Sometime in 1905, at the tender age of 24, Hans Wilsdorf opened his doors for business at 83 Hatton Garden, London. This was the start to what is now known as the Rolex Watch Company.

Today, the name Rolex is recognized around the world. It has become an icon of beauty, accuracy, quality, style and taste. While there are many other fine watch manufacturers, few have reached this pinnacle of international acclaim and horological perfection.

If commercial ventures were allowed poetic license, one could say that my association with Rolex products started in 1905 - since this was the year of my father's birth. In reality, it would take another 60 years before my path and Rolex's would actually cross.

It happened one spring day in 1965 when, with great diffidence, I shelled out $110 to a New York City estate jeweler for a nearly-new stainless steel GMT-Master, which he assured me would be worth a lot more one day. I felt powerless to refuse "such a deal." Little did I know that this purchase would start me on the road to becoming America's Premier National Mail Order Discounter of New and Pre-owned Rolex watches.

"Early" Carl Kenneth Marcus
Wearing His Rolex President, Circa 1969

Contemporary Jeweled Rolex Daytonas Circa 2000
Capetown is not an authorized Rolex jeweler.
A great deal of our company's success can be credited to the continual passion and respect we have for Rolex timepieces. In the 30 years since the formation of our company, I and my associates have sold, purchased, and repaired more than 150,000 Rolex watches. Our client list proudly includes thousands of America's best and brightest citizens: CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, doctors, lawyers, educators, scientists, et. al. For a company that is not an official Rolex jeweler, this has been quite an accomplishment. As we enter the new millennium, our fervor and enthusiasm for providing our clients with spectacular value and superior service has not diminished. In the near future, our planned IPO will give us the additional resources to better serve you, our valued clients, who have made our ongoing success possible.
Besides being America's first national discounter of new Rolex watches, we also pioneered the concept of marketing our professionally restored, certified pre-owned Rolex timepieces.

Our decades long association, expertise, and ongoing love affair with these mechanical masterpieces should assure you that we are the very best place in America to buy, sell, repair or accessorize a Rolex product. You simply can't beat Capetown's Knowledge, Security, Price, Service, and Warranty Package.

Oh, by the way, I still have that GMT-Master. The estate jeweler was right….. Today, it is worth a lot more than the $110 I originally paid!

"Contemporary" Carl Kenneth Marcus, Circa 2000

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